Meet our newest baby, AW2016: "Crescent moon" set.

We are so excited to launch our new style, Crescent moon set.
This new style truly captures the mysterious sexy vibe that we get from looking at the moon. Through the process of developing this piece, we search for the best material and design that will provides our wearers, the confidence and sophistication we want to express.

By selecting the smooth color-changing velvet fabric, we achieved not only the alluring sophistication we look for but also the sereneness we strive.

Besides from the new material that we explored, we also upgrade our hardware closure with engraved logo for easier access and comfortability. This style comes with a softer lining that is carefully selected to make it both comfortable to wear during the day and in the water.

Crescent moon set is available in 4 unique colorways; midnight blue, powder pink, wildest green, and classic black.
Currently available in all sizes; XS, S, M, L.

Shop our new style now, click here.


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